Submit Your Brand

Do you want to let people know about a coupon code or sale at a clothing company, or have your products reviewed by us? The F.A.R. Collective can help you!

When listing coupon codes or sales, please be sure to include the website URL, what kind of discount or saving will be applied to an order, and when the sale will end of the coupon code will expire. If you’re looking to have us review your physical product, we will contact you after we look at your website and learn more about your company through the e-mail that you sent.

Any submission that we feel would compromise the integrity of this site will not posted. We pride ourselves in releasing quality products and posts, so we want to continue to maintain that goal. We will provide critique and criticism of submissions, so please be aware that by submitting you accept this is a possibility, we’ll never be intentionally hurtful, but he will be honest with his advice. If you do not get reviewed now, do not be discouraged, contact us again when you have a new collection. As the saying goes, “It’s business, not personal.”


-Please be professional when sending an e-mail. Your brand is your business, there is no need to sound like a kid.

-Please be familiar with the site. If we’re going to look into your brand it is important that you look into the site and know what we’re about and what we have posted.

-If you’re a new t-shirt brand please have a minimum of 5 different designed shirts. We’re here to show love to upcoming companies, but if you are showing us 1 shirt in your catalog it does not make you a brand, nor does it make it seem like you’re serious about your company. Having 1 design with various colorways IS 1 design with various colorways.

-Do not send an e-mail asking us to review your unreleased brand.

-Do offer something different as we see many brands that are similar in styles, we do like to see a brand that stands out from the rest.

-Offering us free apparel or accessories does not guarantee you a post on the blog, nor does it guarantee you a positive review.


Please e-mail info@thefarcollective.com or fill out the form below.