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Hey Everyone,

Today I’m excited to do a hands on review with one of my favorite street wear clothing brands Benny Gold Clothing. For those who don’t know Benny Gold is located out in San Francisco California and is run by a graphic designer named…..you guessed it…..Benny Gold. The two items I’m doing a hands on review on are the Higher Education T-shirt and the Stay Gold Script t -shirt. I also will talk about how the brand with with a Plane logo could ship an item 2 weeks after its order. Spoiler Alert: I’m not happy about it. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

UPDATE 5/1/15:

The good people at Benny Gold sent me a email after I posted this review. They apologized for the 2 week shipping and explained it was due to the amount of orders during their big sale. As a sorry of the inconvenience they sent me a special Benny Gold package with some of their new items. To be honest I’m pretty impressed with their customer service and it tells me that this is a company that cares about their customers. I’ve decided to give them a pass on the shipping and give the company a solid 4 global rating. 




Benny Gold never drops the ball when it comes to design. This is probably because Benny was a graphic designer before he became a brand owner. I love how each design is simple but eye catching. The 2 shirts are a good example of how less is more. I give the designs 2 thumbs up.

Packaging: 4

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Benny Gold does an awesome job when it comes to branding. Everything was eye catching, clean, and it gave off the stay gold motto from the brand. Each shirt was sent in it own bag with the Air Glide print on the bag.

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Presentation: 4

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Benny Gold knocked this category out the park. The shipping box was sealed with its own Benny Gold Air glider tape. Each shirt came with its own hang tag and hang tag sticker. Benny also threw in some free stickers as a thank you.

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Quality: 4

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The shirts are super soft and feel great to wear. I love the custom Benny Gold black and god neck tags. You can tell he put extra care into the shirts by the small prints on the arm or hem tags.

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Print: 4

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The print on the Higher Education and the Stay Gold Script t -shirt are super soft. I love how the design feels like its apart of the shirt. This is definitely worth its $30 price tag.

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Shipping: 1

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This is were Benny Gold lost me. Never in my life have I had to wait 2 weeks to receive an online order. It would have been faster to fly out to his shop and pick up the tees myself. Just to set the record straight, I purchased the tees while he had his online sale going. So maybe he had more orders than he could handle but 2 weeks is not acceptable. Ps I gave them one globe because the shirts actual came in -_-. So i guess that’s nice.

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Overall: 4

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Other than the shipping I think Benny Gold is a solid brand. I’m going to take the high road and assume the shipping was a one time thing. If you like what you see you should definitely cop something and support the brand. Tell them the far collective sent you.



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