Fill the blank: Top 6 tank top blanks to use when starting out


Sun’s out, guns out. Warm weather is the time to take people to the gun show, but which tank tops are best for your headliners to showcase theirs to the world? Tank tops were introduced as new attire in the 1960s and named after swimming pools aka swimming tanks swimsuits known as swim tanks. It is a staple in summer fashion and some are better than others.

You have you t-shirts that you want to print on and if you’re still unsure you can read here, but you want print on tank tops to offer another option to your customers. Here are the top 6 blanks that you may want to look at, before you print your designs on.


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Alternative Apparel Miggy Tanktop- If you’re looking for a very soft tank top, then Alternative has that. If you want a tank top that is hugging your body almost as though it is trying to suffocate it, then again Alternative is the way to go. This tank top is soft and thin, but you would need to wear a size up for a comfortable fit. Fashion fit is in and it’s good when it wraps the torso comfortably, but this seems a bit too tight. The arm holes are fine, but from the back it looks like it sort of wants to be a women’s racerback tank top. It is on the high end of the wholesale cost and they lack color choices.

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American Apparel 2408 Unisex Fine Jersey- This is probably one of the most popular items and one where you will get what you pay for. What you pay for is a comfortable form fitting tank top that is great for the warm weather. It is recommended that you wear a size up for men, because it may be a bit too snug with the size you normally wear. American Apparel makes a good product and it is a tank that is worth having for your brand, especially since there are plenty of colors for you to choose from. If you like this fit and want to go even softer, I recommend looking into the American Apparel triblend tank top.


Anvil 986 Lightweight Tanktop- Anvil had a tanktop and it was a durable heavyweight tanktop, but their lightweight tank is great for the heat. It is very affordable compared to the American Apparel. The tank top is 100% ringspun cotton which makes this version much softer and comfortable to wear compared to their previous version. The collar isn’t very low, but it isn’t too high where it’ll choke you. It has tearaway tags which will make printing your tags much easier.


Authentic Pigment 1976- This is a tank that is soft is a decent cut. It is a little wide near the bottom of the shirt and tighter in the upper body. They offer a variety of colors from neons to darker shades. I recommend getting a sample and trying to see if you like it. The downside for this brand is that it is one of the expensive of the bunch.

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Bella+Canvas 3480 – The tanktop from Bella Canvas Unisex Jersey Tank is one where you may like to use. Like their t-shirts their tank tops are of good soft quality. They’re true to size and comfortable to wear. The front is a little low for my taste, but if you want to show off the top of your pecs this is fine. There are a wide array of colors which is huge positive, because it is good to have color options. Personally I would choose the triblends as they’re very comfortable to wear, but that’s for a bit more luxury and the regular cotton tanks are fine. The pricing is reasonable if you’re buying these tanktops wholesale.



Next Level 3633- This is another very good tank top and highly recommended. It is a tank that comes with a decent amount of colors to choose from. It fits true to size and soft. The collar is right around the neck when worn, so if you want want to expose more pecs this may not be the tank for you. The tags are tearaway, so inside tag printing or relabeling with your own sewn tag would not be an issue. Next Level is an apparel company that is becoming very popular, because their products rival all the other fashion blank companies like American Apparel and Bella-Canvas. This tank top will not cost a lot compared to other of the higher end blanks like Alternative. It is one that is worth checking out and trying.

Those are my suggestions from using them for my retail and for screen printing for clients. I advise you is to get samples and try them out yourself before selling them to your customers. If you go to a screen printer, they should have a samples and make sure you look at them. If you know a tradeshow where theses will be at take a look at them or if you know a wholesaler that offers the brands above have them ship you samples. When it’s hot out you want to be comfortable and tanktops are definitely a shirt that helps, so wearing the right one helps.

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