7 tips on how to create a look book


7 Tips on how to create a look book

Every brand represents a certain lifestyle and it’s important to convey that message with a look book, so that the audience and stores can see what that brand and their latest collection is all about. It is one of the primary marketing tools for brands and usually compliments the line sheet for stores. It can be a fun creative process,  but there are some tips to consider when creating one.

1. Hire a professional photographer- This might be stating the obvious, but you need to hire a good photographer for the shoot. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who is a photographer, but do they know how to shoot fashion photography? Do they have experience shooting look books for fashion companies? The photographer should know what the style the brand is going for and know that the background shouldn’t be overpowering, because the clothes are the important piece of the photo. The photographer is backbone for the shoots, because he or she has the duty of bringing the garments to life that will excite buyers.


2. Picking the perfect models– Another tip that may be obvious, but since common sense isn’t so common it worth mentioning. What is the look that the brand is going for? Is it a edgy, tattooed, rebel without a cause look or is it classy preppy style? Choosing the right model that fits the aesthetic of the brand is crucial, because they’re trying to show the world who wears the collection and how to wear it. Whether you use professional models or use friends who are attractive and fits the collection’s theme it is important that they can deliver what you want with their authenticity.

3. Schedule enough time- Make sure there is enough time scheduled for producing the samples needed for the shoot to allowing enough time needed to get the shots in. If your sample isn’t produced on time it delays shoot which delays the look book being produced. Some people like to shoot everything in one day, which is great if you can, sometimes you may need 2 or 3 days to get all the looks you want at the locations you need. If you want sunset/sunrise shots at different locations you’ll have prep that you may need 2 days to get those shots during the “Golden hour”. Prep ahead of time, so that there will no or as minimal glitches as possible.


4. Scout location- Whether you’re shooting outdoors or indoors you’ll want to speak with you photographer about location for the shoot. Maybe you want the photographer to scout for you, since you trust his or her vision and believe they’ll provide the proper backdrop as well. Since look books are shot at least a season or two before the actual release of that collection remember that you may want to travel to warm location if you’re shooting in the winter or vice versa. Or maybe certain indoor establishments can portray what you’re going for.


5. Arrange your items– Arrange your items that you want used from the most important on. If you have certain items that you think will be sure sellers or want to promote heavily, make sure they’re worn the most. Tell the stylist if you’re working with one or have a checklist of what shots get what worn on them. You want and will get all the clothes shot, but if time is of a factor you want the strongest pieces to the most visible. Trust me, sometimes you can get all caught up with how the shoot is going and feeling the groove that you’ll forget that you won’t have as many pictures of the apparel you want as you’d like. Not having options to choose from can be a blow if you were hoping for multiple shots of a particular piece you were aiming to promote. This leads me to

bluu dreams blizzard beach photographed by joe baron

6. Have assistance- If you’re the art director making sure the shoot goes according to plan make sure you have helping hands. Whether it’s a college intern, a friend who helps out from time to time, a coworker, etc. it’s good to have someone help you while you focus on making everything go according to plan. Maybe you need a make up artist or stylist or someone prep the apparel so it looks good for camera?

Branded Baron Royal Rebellion Collection look book

7. Express the lifestyle- Remember each collection has its own theme and vibe, but it is never to stray from the lifestyle the brand is about. This whole shoot is to excite everyone and prove that your brand isn’t some average brand with another average release. The vision of the brand is portrayed through these photos, don’t forget is being marketed.

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