Words Of Wisdom For Starting A Brand From RISE

Last weekend I had an opportunity to sit down and talk the do’s and dont’s of starting a brand with Chase the owner of RISE in Huntington Village, NY. For those who don’t know RISE is a high end sneaker/clothing boutique that specializes in carrying premium items. The store has only been open for a year and has joined forces with sneaker giant FILA. In the interview Chase gives his two cents on how to start a brand, his favorite sneaker company, and whats next to come from Rise. Kick back, take some notes and enjoy!

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Introduce yourself?

Chase Ceparano.

Businessman. Philanthropist. Art Enthusiast. Workaholic.

What is RISE?

RISE is a conceptual boutique space specializing in footwear and apparel. Physically, the ambiance, look and feel of the store is one that has lived inside my mind for years. The concept was and always will be to create a new, interesting and unique canvas where products can be displayed and merchandised well and have an opportunity to shine.

What is one thing you wish someone told you when you first started out?

To be honest, I received excellent guidance from my partners and a handful of people who have decades of experience inside this industry already. So, I entered with a large amount of detailed information and have the good fortune of being able to pick up the phone anytime I need advice or assistance. Needless to say, that’s a major advantage and something I’m extremely grateful for.

What is one of the biggest things a new brand shouldn’t do?

Nowadays, I feel that new brands don’t actually do enough… or sometimes anything at all.

I come from the music business, so in that field, a new artist/producer/DJ looking for representation or a label deal doesn’t even get a meeting until they have a significant following, tour experience and a finished project ready to go. That said, in this business, we’re approached regularly by supposed “brands” who have no idea, plan, strategy, marketing or any sort of following. I think kids think it’s super cool to try and do this, but either they don’t have the work ethic or the knowledge to really do it… maybe it’s both.

And, the funniest part is, they’ll actually have the audacity to get angry at me when I turn them down. That gets quite entertaining at times.

Best advice for new brands that want to get into stores like RISE?

Again, you’ve got to come prepared. Show me your truly prepared. Show that you’re passionate and are completely invested in this as a business. No half stepping around here.

* Favorite brand right now and why?

I’m a big fan of PUMA and Adidas. That’s no secret. I rep them proudly. From a consumer standpoint, you can see the quality in the final product, plus they offer price points that are reasonable. And, add on the fact that they each own a “top-tier” business (Y-3 for Adidas and the McQueen, Made In Italy/Made In Japan product for PUMA), they’re both positioned for tremendous growth here in the US.

What are future plans for RISE?

In terms of the immediate future, we’ve got a project set to launch very, very soon. That’ll close out the year with a splash. The audience will be more familiar with RISE one that’s released. Then, we’ve got 2 to 3 projects in place for 2015. Plus,  a new location which is tentatively planned for early 2016.

I think those that already know us and keep up-to-date are aware that we’re constantly working on something. The team and I are relentless. That’ll be evident to all rather quickly.



315 Main Street

Huntington Village NY 11743


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