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WolvesVsLions not just an interesting imaginary fight between beasts, but a clothing brand hailing from New Jersey. I knew of the brand for a couple years and was finally able to meet owner Will Truran at the WMC Fest in Cleveland where we discussed design with various creatives back in August. Having known that he is continuing to push his brand to become better and not just sell shirts, I decided to it was time to review the product that he is sharing with the world.


Wolves Vs Lions is a Christian inspired brand, but that shouldn’t turn you away as the brand is about promoting positivity and endless love with designs that doesn’t always show its Christian inspiration. What is astonishing is that every shirt sold the profits made from the sale goes directly to the LIFESUPPORT program which helps nonprofits changing the community. Costs are covered and everything goes back to helping the community is no small task that shows that this brand puts its words into action. It’s quite impressive how there are quality custom items like the leather wallets and keychains as well rings, besides the staple graphic tees that its known for. The product that I’ll be reviewing is the Revolution unisex t-shirt.

*Rating system is graded out 5 globes on the following categories: Packaging, Presentation, Quality, & Printing that will be given an overall rating. Design and Pricing is not graded as it is subjective, what appeals to one person design and price wise may not be appealing or preferably price worthy to another*


Design: The overall design is simple and clean. The left chest as a the brand name in a rectangle, while the back print is the more elaborate portion of the shirt. It has a vintage feel with the diamond crest and font choices. The phrase, “We Call For A Revolution In Our Age” is one where those looking for a change can create relate. The two crossing arrows is a nice touch that fits with the overall old school feel.


Pricing: The pricing for the t-shirt is a good one where you can pick up a t-shirt for $18 with $5 for shipping.



Packaging: 3 Globes


It was shipped in a regular plain Uline polymailer that arrived perfectly fine with no holes. What I really liked the most was how quickly this item arrived, so it’s good to see that you don’t have to wait a couple days before it is processed for shipping.



Presentation: 3.5 Globes

When I opened up the package, the shirt was wrapped in gray paper tissue that was taped together, so nothing would fall out. It felt like I was opening up a present, when I was ripping the paper and I felt like that added to the experience for me. Once I opened up the little wrapping I was shocked to see that the shirt did not come alone. The shirt was there a thank you note from Will, buttons, stickers, and a embroidered patch! The embroidered patch is one item I did not expect and was a great surprise, because they can be costly to produce. Of course, folded nicely was the new t-shirt that was ready to be worn.




Quality: 2.5 Globes

When I saw the t-shirt I was curious to see everything about it. I will say I was disappointed when I saw the Gildan tag on the shirt. It would have been nice to see a WolvesVsLions tag print, as that would have added to the branding, but no one will see it and you may see it briefly before putting on the shirt. What disappointed me the most was that it was a Gildan t-shirt. I was hoping for a really nice t-shirt, but luckily it is the Gildan Softstyle tee, which is the soft and fashion fitting shirt.



Print: 2.5 Globes

The print was fine on this shirt. It wasn’t thick which would give it that heavy feel and it looks like it would last. It does have a bit of a soft print which is quite nice.


Overall: 2.8 Globes

This brand provides an above average product that is worth every penny. From the positive message and giving back to the community to the various products that it offers, WolvesVsLions is a brand that people should take a look at. Some of the designs have a simple look, while others do have more detail, but either way when you receive your order you should be very happy with it.

Head here to check out ALL the products that WolvesVsLions has to offer.

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