What will 2016 bring?


2015 is done and in the history books. Prepping for the new releases for this year should already be in the works if it is not complete already. If your brand is specifically a streetwear brand then you probably can relate to what Bobby Hundreds stated in his Hypebeast article. 2015 was not a good year for that specific target market and since t-shirts are the bread and butter for a majority of the streetwear companies a decline in those particular sales can be game over. I’ve seen the decline of the graphic t-shirt prior to 2015, it seemed like it was definitely going down in 2014. I was presented with the argument that it is not, you have to focus on the market where your audience is. Ok? That is what you are supposed to do and that should’ve been prepared before a brand release. Sure, you can develop an unlikely fan base where you may want to directly target that audience, but that does not mean you will not be affected eventually. Staying fresh and bringing new ideas to the table is important. Are the days of the bright bold graphic tees out? I wouldn’t say so as there are a few brands keeping it alive. I don’t really see a big resurgence, but the youth do need some fresh threads. Will the simpler designed graphic tees continue to be the choice for those who want to look good, but want a more subtle design on their chest? I think that’ll definitely be in the wardrobe of many. I am curious to see what each brand(new and old) brings in 2016. The market is oversaturated, but maybe there will be a lot more cross promotion that will benefit all. I’m intrigued to see what 2016 will bring.

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