T-shirt Tuesday-Cotton Bureau’s Millennium Falcon

miillennium falcon by rogie king

T-shirt crowdfunding company Cotton Bureau has a vast amount of t-shirts for sale that may or may not go to print, but the Millennium Falcon by Rogie King is a definitely crowd pleaser. Rogie King’s design was accepted by the Cotton Bureau’s brass to be sold through them as long as this reaches the minimum amount sold of 12 shirts. If you happen to be an artist that has his/her design chosen, then making money comes once 24 shirts are sold. It’s worth giving it a try as an artist as long as you promote your fantastic design. With all the Star Wars hoopla happening with the latest film coming out soon, this design is fitting for a T-shirt Tuesday highlight.

The design is very well done with the NASA space patch inspiration using the Millennium Falcon instead of a regular ol’ rocket ship. It’s a clever design that will look good printed on Next Level t-shirts or an Independent hoodie if that is what your heart desires. The printing from Cotton Bureau is good (a t-shirt review will be coming soon) and the t-shirt blanks are top notch. There’s only a few hours left to purchase this before it goes to print. For $28 plus shipping will get you this limited t-shirt in time before Christmas. This is such a clean design that I think it’s one of the best Star Wars t-shirts out at the moment.

To purchase this design click here. If you want to check out all the other t-shirts that Cotton Bureau has for sale, click here.


millennium falcon t-shirt cotton bureau cotton bureau hoodie

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