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Upscale General

The brand Upscale General has released their latest collection for the spring and summer. This clothing brand combines the urban aesthetics and preppy culture of the Ivy League to give you something worth wearing. Their latest release consists of a tie-dyed t-shirt with Upscale General’s anchor logo, a classic dad hat, an ivy league themed ringer t-shirt with Upscale General’s signature, and a color block jersey tee with Upscale General’s classic cresp logo. Their “Cresp” t-shirt is probably my personal favorite and would be my recommendation when deciding what to purchase from them. The items look like a solid release, my only complaint are the photos taken as they look amateurish and not taken by a professional photographer. I would recommend that for them to give off the high end lifestyle that they’re showing with the apparel.

Take a look at Upscale General and add their shirts in your attire armory. http://www.upscalegeneral.com/


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