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Super Team Deluxe is a collaborative funhouse churning out products they like for other people that might like them too. These products are witty and creative that are very reasonably priced. So far their pin game is strong as that is what they’re selling the most. They do have a patch and stickers available and all of the products are worth purchasing, but if you want enamel pins then you are set. Some items are already sold out like the yoga inspired “Namaste, Bitches” pin, the illustrator “Pen Tool” pin, and the “Die Arting” pin, but the “I Work Out” and the “Command Z” pins are certainly worth picking up. I really like the “Time’s Up” sticker too! I look forward to more products of the Super Team Deluxe.

Head over to the Super Team Delux website here http://superteamdeluxe.com/


super-team-deluxe-sticker super-team-deluxe-pin super-team-deluxe-patch super-team-deluxe-i-work-out


Joe Baron

Joe Baron

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Joe Baron

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