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If you followed on me instagram or snapchat you would have seen various images and video from the weekend’s art show. This past Saturday was the Bluu Dreams Star Wars art show titled “Bluu Wars” which featured work from 4 different artists. It included the works of Bluu Dreams owner/designer Andy Munro, Diego Garcia, Steven S., and myself. It was held at Sneaker Spy, a clothing and art supply boutique in Bayshore, New York.

stormtroopers head

With only 4 individuals showcasing work I felt it was a more intimate experience compared to a larger gallery showing with a lot more artists. It gave those involved an opportunity to expose our styles to those who were not familiar with our catalog of work and hopefully gain some new fans. I know Andy was using it to not only to promote his artwork and earn more sales with his exclusive Bluu Dreams t-shirts(that I printed) and prints, but to share the stage with fellow artists on their grind that he is friends with and respects. I definitely appreciate the opportunity as I am not from the Long Island area, so taking a trip out there to see how people enjoyed what I created was a treat.


darth vader graffiti by joe baron

I did release some new Darth Vader stickers for the situation in case any individual wanted a small memento and did not want to purchase my pieces. All 3 of my visuals for this show were made specifically for the event and are one of a kind. Some of you may think that that my Darth Vader graffiti image is not original having released it on t-shirts and sold it on various products, but you would be mistaken. I made sure everything was original and with that particular piece I took my Montana spray can and added some effects, which from a distance looks like stars in space and not just little spray splatter.

samurai stormtrooper by joe baron

My Samurai Stormtrooper is not an original concept, but it was just my take on the sci-fi samurai mashup. I had fun working on that which was primarily ink with only a gesso coating on the canvas before I began to do anything. The only downside with that one was I am unsure if that many people noticed it as it was hanging separately on one side of the wall away from the rest of the art. I do know that those who saw it appreciated it.

Padmé Who? by Joe Baron

My favorite and I think many people’s favorite of mine, but I’ll be super confident and say it was everyone’s favorite of the show (lol) was my “Padmé Who?” image which hung right on the brick wall was behind the two people playing chess. First, let me just say that the chess table and people playing it certainly added class and sophistication to the event, well at least for me anyway. This image was done pretty much the night before, I made a quality 18″ x 24″ print and it was a fun concept. Darth Vader’s wife, Padmé is dead, so he needs a new woman in his life. The nipple pasties on this female is the Empire’s logo, so that is a little detail I enjoyed adding as I’m not sure if the casual fan would realize it. Nothing wrong with a little sexual roleplaying with this concept. Even if you don’t like it, I think the bright neon green background definitely helps captures your eye where you can’t help, but at least take a glance of this image.

All my images will be sold online and I will let you know whether you can purchase them through my Branded Baron site or Bluu Dreams if not both.

darth maul by diego garcia

Diego’s and Steven’s pieces were cool with each painting canvases and stormtrooper heads. Steven even painted someone’s jacket live, which was a fun to watch someone else work. It was fun to chit chat with them after the show and with the store’s owner Taylor. JB was the promoter for this event with Andy and I think they both did a good job in bringing talented people together. Overall, it was a fun event that I was glad to be apart of and look forward to being to showcase my work out there again.


Andy dressed up as Kylo Ren while holding Vader’s light saber.


Andy and Myself





This jacket had Steven’s signature splatter style


darth-diver-t-shirt-mock-up darkside-or-die-tshirt-mock-up

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