Dave Tevenal’s The Worst for Last Art Exhibit


Last Friday Andy and myself went to see the opening for Dave Tevenal’s new art exhibit “The Worst for Last” at Sacred Gallery in Manhattan. Last time I saw an exhibit of his was 2 years ago and his Dave’s art is still pretty damn good. Being that he is a tattoo artist by profession, you see that peeking in along with his graffiti influence. This exhibit didn’t have many large canvases, but they were pretty much consistent in size. Many of the pieces were spray painted for the background and Molotow markers were used to draw the main subject. Andy and I debated whether it was brush or marker and Dave confirmed that it was marker. His framed pieces were very cool and would make great prints as the main subjects were either in full color or in gray scale. Overall, his show was filled with pieces that would be great to own. You can still see the exhibit at Sacred Gallery.

Below are some of the photos from the event.IMG_2907


The bottom right is Dave and myself


dave tevenal dave tevenal art

IMG_2880 IMG_2881 IMG_2882



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