123 Klan Respect & Love Art book

123 Klan Art book
One of the coolest books to come out recently is the art book from 123Klan. This Canadian based duo have been creating some very fresh designs and illustrations for many years and it only made sense for them to compile their works in a hardcover book. Their book includes their latest work of graffiti, illustrations, logos, toy designs, their own clothing brand, and more. As a designer I find it inspirational and as a fan of graffiti and street wear I think it’s cool. You can see how they transferred their graffiti style into their design work and fitting to the brand of their client.

If you pick up one of these bad boys you’ll also be treated with two sheets of die cut stickers, so you can slap them on your laptop or any other surface you deem appropriate. If you want to add this to your bookshelf, you’ll be shelling out $70 plus shipping. You can purchase this as well as some of their other products on their Banditism shop.

Below are some pages from this book just to get your feet wet.


123Klan Art book graffiti

123Klan Good guys

123Klan Book 123Klan Johnny Cupcakes 123Klan Nike Basketball


123 Klan Design art book 123klan-artbook-label619-17 123klan-artbook-label619-18

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