Joe Baron and Andy Munro

The Story:

    You never know when a partner in crime will show up, it might be at a seminar when two college acquaintances stumble upon one another, which is the exact scenario with Anderson Munro and Joe Baron. After discussions on similar interests with street fashion and art, we both helped each other with our own brands. From doing that and learning the hard way on trying to bring greatness to the world, we decided to combine forces to share the tips we have to offer, review the good and bad of fashion, as well as the appreciation for all art forms. So take a ride with us as we grow this collective from the New York/New Jersey area to your computer screen.


Joe Baron

 Joe Baron:

Joe Baron is a self-proclaimed creative evil genius with a soul of an artist and an investment attitude of a capitalist. A graphic designer who has divulged time in screen printing and working on bringing his brand Branded Baron to the forefront with its design services and stunningly fresh apparel.  There’s knowledge to be shared from a fan of art and design as well as the business end of being an entrepreneur. One major lesson learned is passion isn’t part time.



Andy Munro:

About Me (Short Version):

Andy is the owner of Bluu Dreams and a graphic designer that graduated from Google (.com) University. Andy is here to broadcast his interest in art, streetwear, and to help educate people on how run clothing a brand.

About Me (Long Version):

Andy is a freelance graphic designer, the owner of Bluu Dreams, and a fashion/ art enthusiast. While Andy was younger he would be found sketching all his favorite cartoons and comics on anything that wasn’t covered. It wasn’t until his older cousins introduced him to the sneaker and graffiti scene in Brooklyn NY that Andy started his huge fascination with art and the streetwear culture.

Fast forward to 2009 while Andy was in his senior year of college, He decided to start his own clothing brand called Bluu Dreams as a creative outlet. For the next 2 years he spent countless hours learning everything about the clothing business and teaching himself how to design graphics with Photoshop and Illustrator. After finally getting the hang of how to use the programs Andy started putting out Bluu Dreams collections and it started getting pick up numerous stores. It wasn’t until Andy made a connection with the famous store EastWest that he became a full time graphic designer. It was when Andy introduced his Bluu Dreams catalog to EastWest, they not only picked up the brand but also offered him a position as head graphic designer of the company.

After working with EastWest for more than a year Andy has done a ton of designs, worked with more companies than he can count and learned the do’s and don’ts of starting a brand. Follow him as he sheds some light in his findings.